About Us


As we weave along the path of life, the speed bumps which occur are actually stepping stones for greater spiritual emergence and opportunities for growth.


We are currently undergoing a worldwide shift in consciousness as more and more people explore the spiritual pathway. People are seeking, and energy workers are providing.
Once a hidden activity, psychic intervention is up there with Yoga, Kabbalah and Life-Coaching. These days, mediums, psychics and 'aura readers' are 'normal' people offering extraordinary services. Harrods & Selfridges now offer spiritual guidance within their stores.


Psychics, clairvoyants & mediums form themselves into a pyramid we see in all areas of human talent and human creativity. The core layer contains competent readers, this is the largest band. The next level is much smaller, this contains the super highway, off-the-scale readers - they are intuitive pioneers, divinely gifted in a way which is beyond our ability to understand, let alone attain – these are the readers who work with The Psychic Parlour.


We, ourselves, are journalists with over 10 years  experience within the metaphysical industry, having also worked with platform mediums and energy readers within the UK at live events. We have  written for New Age magazines including Kindred Spirit, Soul & Spirit, & Paradigm Shift.


Wander our parlour, browse a while, and see what is revealed.