Q: How do I know that I am speaking to a genuine psychic?

A: The Psychic Parlour’s reputation is based  on only allowing genuine psychics to work on its lines. Each reader is carefully screened and rigorously tested to make sure that they are giving genuine psychic readings, and readers are only allowed to continue to work for the brand if they are able to maintain a very high standard of accuracy.

Q: Where do the psychics & mediums come from?

A: We recruit only the most highly talented readers available from all over the World. They work from their own homes, so you will be speaking privately to your personal reader who will be tuned directly and quickly into yYou and your concerns.

Q: If I have a reading, will the reader ask me questions?

A: A reading is a two way thing and there needs to be dialogue between the reader and their client, you will need to be open and honest when you have a reading and a professional clairvoyant will ask you to verify what they are picking up and ask you questions simply to confirm they have tuned correctly into your aura.

Q: How can one of our clairvoyant psychics can help you?

A: When you have clairvoyant readings, you will be given insights and understanding into your life with the power that a clairvoyant uses to tune in and "see". A true clairvoyant reading is not a fortune-teller revealing irrelevant dates, names and places. A clairvoyant is a gifted person who can see beyond what is obvious to you and reveal what you need to know and see to move forward, most are linked to spirit who in turn know and can see the terrain of your life.

Q: How does a clairvoyant reading about relationship advice work?

A: In a clairvoyant reading, the clairvoyant can not only see what is happening in your life, but they can also use their clairvoyant gift to see what someone close to you may also be feeling, thinking or intending. This type of clairvoyant reading can help tremendously when you have an emotional crisis, feel confused or unsure of what to do with regards to another person and how to move forward and take action. Avoid those banana skins and those thinly veiled friends and loved ones.