As the global changes in frequency quicken their pace, modern day energy healing hits many levels from physical and spiritual, to mental and emotional.


Evolving way beyond conventional healing of the past, the newer frequency systems, offer fresh insight into the dynamics of healing, combined with a powerful dual purpose - to restore the whole whilst raising vibratory levels simultaneously. This takes people to sophisticated levels beyond those previously accessible to anyone, anywhere.


Following a series of traumatic life events, and after decades of previous experience as a natural healer and counsellor, Philippa Merivale ‘graduated’ – with a euphoric flash – receiving inspiration to move into new healing territory, following powerful divine instruction from spiritual being Metatron.


Recognizing the significance of the extremely high frequencies and ‘downloads’, she quickly developed courses to teach the techniques of what became the Metatronic Healing system, across the globe.


Metatronics’ potent healing combines spiritual surgery, aura clearing, and colour therapy. It re-boots the energy system using transmissions and energy clearing work, and brings about deep life change from a cellular level. This is achieved by working with angelic invocation to bring alignment with the body’s energies, identifying and releasing emotional and physical blockages, and infusing the body with new life force.


To ‘take the story out of the body, energetically,’ a spiritual recalibration using light and energy takes place which gets to, and dissolves the root cause of the issue, something conventional medicine fails to do.


Systematically metatronics has had a profound effect on those it comes into contact with. Philippa, who now heads up global development, begins, ‘My energy body has changed since the launch, and it’s recalibrated me on the way through just as it has with other people. In terms of results, the greater body of evidence so far has been on the emotional, spiritual and mental levels,’ she adds. ‘Because of the way I’m wired up, that’s the type of person I draw to me personally. That said, I have had enough evidence to see the extreme results that happen physically, which always follow the emotional healing.’


Healer and psychotherapist Jean Whittle, has used the system since inception at her practice in Malvern and feels it’s ‘singularly the most powerful healing system I have ever used throughout my 18 years of practice.’ Local client Rose comments,’ ‘I have experienced Metatronic Healing several times for debilitating depression. I feel wonderfully energised every time, and the effects were immediate and lasting.’


Philippa says Metatronics is evolving all the time. It is now a five step system, with five levels of training. Each one builds on what’s gone before, fusing greater strength into the energy body. Every level also has a compound effect, so for those completing the foundation course and going on to intermediate, the levels expand dramatically.


‘The energies in the teaching room become extremely strong,’ Philippa says, ‘and the core of what’s taught comes through transmissions which are done in silence and relaxation mode. Metatronics creates shifts, clearing internal ‘junk’ out and we find some people attend for personal use, never intending to become practitioners, they benefit from what is essentially very intensive healing.’


Clare Glennon, Director of Metatronic Healing UK has many examples of client feedback illustrating extreme results. Lisa her client from Oxford begins,’ it’s now 4 weeks since the session for my ME, and I wanted to let you know in that time I've experienced the most amazing surge in my energy levels! My heart has stopped banging so hard in my chest. All in all I feel like a new woman.’