The Psychic Industry


The psychic industry is one of the most special but also most maligned in the world. For those that do not understand ESP, then all psychics are simply charlatans, intent on ripping all and sundry off. The reality of course is that this point of view is simply prehistoric. Any connected and modern consumer in the 21st century will realise that there is more to life than our materialist and technological existence. In terms of soul growth, most people do not even realise they have one.

When I interviewed Sonia Choquette for a commissioned article in Soul & Spirit magazine, she told me that this is the very reason that people go through so many traumas in their lives and experience so much pain. If they knew they had a soul, then getting the next big house, car, or career move would simply not be as important. The main goals in life are not these things. We are here to learn, love, live and grow as spiritual beings within a physical shell. When people begin to look within and understand that souls are eternal and that we don’t die, then the Gucci shoes suddenly seem so silly and miniscule in the grand scheme of things.

There are different realms and there are differing levels of psychic skill too. Some readers can simply read your energy field, so they can see thoughts, emotions, what is affecting you at that time and what your fears are. They can also link in with you loved ones and read their emotions too in the same way. They are in effect energy readers. Another more advanced reader will have the gift of clear sight or clairvoyance, this means they can see beyond normal seeing and can link in with spiritual beings which could be your deceased loved ones, your spirit guide (yes we all have one at least) or other spiritual beings which simply like helping those on the earth plane.

 This type of psychic is also sometimes called a medium, and they can bring forth evidence for you during a reading session. There is also another reader who is even more skilled. Typically you will pay a high price for this reader and you may find them working in places such as Harrods. This reader can read the energy of the soul. Your soul is you; it is your essence, the part that never ever dies. As your soul is the core of you and exists through many incarnations, then to read your soul could be very handy indeed as it can help you to progress past problems and blockages if a reader can link in and see how best to align your path back into the correct direction.