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The New Trend In Holistic Spirituality


Modern day spiritual counselling hits every level, from practical and emotional, to spiritual and mental. Whilst in the main, Western philosophy practically ignores holistic spirituality completely.


An exciting new breed of spiritual counsellor is emerging, with a new and more sophisticated approach, one that's not content to simply label itself with the phrase 'psychic reader', but instead, offering spiritual sessions that can not only sense a clients energy field, but can also travel deeply into their subconscious mind. There are many different levels of human consciousness, and transpersonal readers have the ability to tune into the various layers.

No longer a fringe community, and seeing rapid expansion with a marked increase in advertising across print and online media, the evolution of the readings industry has moved in line with ever sophisticated demands of those initially exploring, and later developing their spirituality.


For personal readings, the emphasis on this trend is now very much about viewing the internal psyche, rather than what was traditionally an external focus. Seasoned seekers are looking for a deeper and more evolved session, with the most advanced intuitives available.


This holistic approach to self awareness, provides the very real benefit of fast tracking personal advancement, undeniably valuable, and evidence of a growing consciousness that earlier generations could only dream of. When we look at ourselves we should seek to achieve the wholeness which marries mind, body and spirit, from the thought generating mind, to the observing soul.


Proust once said, ‘the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.’ The transpersonal or life coaching approach isn’t a hangover from the hippy days of love and peace, it is based on the concept there is a spark within each one of us, the inner self - and that our awareness of this centre needs renewal, and importantly, there is a purpose to our lives.


This centre, to which we can each make reference – this wise core of us, our soul – is the chief motivating and co-coordinating energy within us. It seeks to understand our human ambitions, our worries and loves, as we make our passage through this worldly life with its inevitable ups and downs.

Transpersonal looks ‘beyond the person’. Its psychology addresses the spiritual centre, drawing together threads and influences from many high-profile, 20th-century psychologists such as Abraham Maslow (who explored the relationship between self-realisation and motivation), and Carl Jung (who studied how individuals can feel fulfilled).


The demand for personal readings now covers many demographic layers across the social spectrum, and with transpersonal insight, this can help to unearth and address internal blockages within the psyche, which can often lead to negative behaviour affecting interaction with others.

Using a blend of Eastern philosophies with the practical approach of the Western way, this new blend is an integrative approach with the added spice of a spiritual dimension. Its core objective works towards allowing life to be lived consciously and happily. A life crisis, no matter how large or small is seen as an opportunity for break-through and self-actualisation.


A transpersonal session is a holistic journey which accesses information beyond the five senses, exploring beliefs, strengths, and weaknesses in an attempt to understand the inner self and bring about growth and healing that is needed. It encompasses a number of approaches that honour the spirituality of the seeker.


If a reading is like a psychic snapshot, a coaching package is like an oil portrait. Both services are about helping find the truth, but transpersonal uses techniques which go beyond simply providing details of what is seen intuitively, and instead offers more tools to effect change.


Rei Williams a transpersonal coach regularly works ‘beyond the mask’ in her day to day sessions, combining counselling and intuitive guidance for positive change. The most popular subjects covered include intensive support for depression, anxiety, grief, relationships, apathy and emotional eating. Rei notes, “Transpersonal coaching is far more in-depth and interactive than a psychic or intuitive reading, which allows me to facilitate greater understanding, healing and change. Coaching sessions help you connect with your spirit, your source of love, to invite the beauty of transformation into your life.”


Readings are one-sided as Rei draws together information from the various sources open to her, and the client then does as he or she chooses with that information. Traditional spiritual readings aim to inform about a certain area of life, but the transpersonal approach is different; it is guided intuitively and is a way to develop new tools and resources the sitter can take away and use, involving them more as a direct participant.


Plato said, ‘know thyself,’ and never were more important words spoken. Experiencing a deeper sense of who we are, and a greater sense of connectedness to the spiritual dimension allows our mind to search for higher meanings in our world, and releases us into the dance of life.

Professional intuitive Katie Winterbourne facilitates positive change, growth, and potential, for clients with personal and business objectives.

“I read the energy of the Soul.  The soul is pure potential. The path we chose pre-birth allows the soul to journey in a specific way, to encourage more experience, more knowledge and more awareness. I act as a bridge between my client and higher consciousness, bringing awareness to the soul that is profoundly healing as it allows for a deeper connection to self” she says.


Her sessions begin with a brief explanation of what the client can hope to gain and how to make the most their experience.  She then asks her client to relax, this allows them to become open and receptive, and not only to the information but also to the healing energy that is available. Asking them to think about the issues where clarity and guidance is required, she then connects with their unique energy signature.


Following this, Katie opens to the direct energy of source that flows through her, to connect deeply to the client.  The information comes through exactly as it is needed, along with healing energy. The words themselves create movement, shifts and awakenings, all of which are seen, interpreted and fed back to the client.


“Each session is as individual as the client. Some may get clear strategies, others need transformation though direct experience. This takes place in a meditative state, when the mind is in an alpha pattern enhancing perception, understanding and integration.” Katie tells me.


As we travel through our life journey it becomes clear that if we don’t really know who we are as spiritual beings, then we may mistakenly identify ourselves by our actions.  To achieve true spiritual balance, we may have many areas to be refined, many paths to visit, but the most important factor is that the first tentative enquiries have been made.




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